Dog Training

Ben Davidson is a professional dog trainer. He breaks through language barriers for you and your pet, quickly and easily.

Our Methods

Ben’s official title is Professional Dog Trainer but truly he’s more of a dog problem solver. He enters your home, assesses the situation then fixes any and all concerns you have with your dog. 

In most cases your dog's behavior issue has a simple solution and you will see the results you are looking for within the first session. Ben believes there is NO such thing as a lost cause. He works with many local rescues and he can help you, too.

Ben has been training dogs (and their owners) for over 15 years, successfully rehabilitating dogs with many behavior issues and he has the ability to provide quick and easy solutions.

Our Purpose

Our job is to observe what is happening with your dog and translate exactly what they are trying to tell you with their behavior in any given situation. Just imagine how peaceful your life could be with a pet that understands your direction and commands. The reason you don’t have this relationship now is because you are trying to communicate with a being that does not even speak the same language as you. Our goal is to make sure quality of life for you and your family, fur babies included, is the best it can be and to keep dogs from going to the shelters simply because of language barriers. Ben started training so he could educate and rehabilitate owners and their pets making life better one lesson at a time.


Hillary & Dahlia
I will continue to always call Ben Davidson of Devotion to Dogs my Dog Whisperer.  I originally needed a behavioral assessment of a rescue to make sure the pup could get along with other dogs and of the utmost importance, children.  After just an hour in our first session, I knew instantly I needed to retain him as my professional trainer.  He not only trains and works with your dog with behavioral issues, obedience and certificate training, but more importantly, helps educate and give the owner the necessary tools.  He’s engaging.  I have seen with my own eyes how he can take on a horrible situation with a dog (even with a pup that was destitute to be put to sleep) and turn this dog around to be a wonderful pet for the owner.  The first session with him may be all you will need to rectify a situation, but for me, he will be in my life with my dog(s) for as long as possible.  Cannot say enough about him and his staff.  You will be amazed at what you can accomplish with his help.
Shannon & Auggie
Our mini-Goldendoodle looks very sweet but he is a rambunctious, impulsive 6 month old puppy. Being first time dog owners, we called Ben and scheduled an in-home session the day after we brought Auggie home at 8 weeks. BEST DECISION EVER! It was important to us to have a happy, well-behaved puppy that we were able to keep safe. Ben went over basic commands and successfully taught us food luring. He answered our many questions and gave excellent advice. He came back 3 weeks later for a follow up and reinforced what we had done and taught us some new commands. After that we did the 5 week puppy socialization class at his facility and it was an informative class with hands on learning. My favorite thing we learned is we can now yell “come Auggie” and he will run, full-speed, from wherever he is in the house and place on his cot. Amazing since before he would run and play keep away all day!  After the class he offered an individual, complementary session to work on any problem areas after a few weeks to make sure the training was successful. We also love his Q&A Facebook sessions and community pack walks! Ben truly cares about making every dog a happy, well-adjusted dog and has the skills to do it!
Lisa & Nala
Ben is AMAZING.  We hired him when we adopted a new puppy at 11 months. Nala's previous owner unfortunately did nothing for her in regards to training so we had to start at ground zero. Nala was a biter, aggressive at times, and a chewer. After the first session with Ben, she was like a completely different dog. She listened, obeyed commands, and avoided chewing the kids' toys. She also stopped showing aggression towards me. We had a neighborhood party on the 4th of July and all of my neighbors were so impressed by Nala as she sat next to me unleashed and was calm. In fact, one of my neighbors called Ben too after seeing Nala's improvement. I can't thank Ben enough. He definitely knows his stuff and he is always there to answer questions for you even after the training sessions are over.  I highly recommend him for all your dog training needs.  Thank you, Ben!

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