What we offer

Initial Consult

Ben will enter your home and assess the home environment. He will communicate with you about the energy and foundation from what he sees then will offer you solutions to the behavioral issues he is observing. Ben will immediately begin to address and solve the problems each dog owner faces and before he leaves, he will give each owner a set of tools to use with their dog. * $525 includes the first 2-4 hour session at your home and (1) one-hour follow up session within 6 weeks of the initial session. The follow up location will be determined based on the needs of your dog and may be in a group or private setting


* If you live more than 30 miles away from zip code 92040 it is an additional $2 per mile
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Phone Consult

For those who are in other areas both nationwide and international you can contact us for training over the phone.


* minimum of 1 hour

Follow Up Appointments

Individual follow up appointments are $125 per session. We offer package deals at a discounted rate.

2 Appointments


Our most popular package ideal for fine tuning
4 Appointments


Ideal for perfecting place (down, stay, sit) and recall
6 Appointments


When you need a little more time to hone in the basics
8 Appointments


Our most intense package
Group Socialization


For a set of 2 classes in a group setting.

Board and Train

We offer board & train packages as well! These can be for any training from obedience to severe aggression and beyond. We may make recommendations for the length of time based on the needs of your dog.

Less than 30 days


30 days or more


Our board & train packages include follow-up sessions as well.
Please call us for more info.

Experts In These Solutions

Insecure and fearful behaviors such as separation anxiety, as well as antisocial fear behavior, fear aggression

Destructive and compulsive behaviors such as excessive barking, chewing, digging

Excited behaviors such as jumping on you or guests, charging through doors in front of you, leash pulling, urine marking, ignoring commands

Threatening behaviors such as growling, lunging, snapping the air, nipping (without leaving a wound or bruise), barking in a threatening way

Aggressive behaviors towards animals and/or humans: bites leading to injury

Chasing issues towards cars, bikes, children, small animals, dogs and other wildlife animals

Running away such as breaking commands, leaving house when door is open

Eating issues such as food aggression, resource guarding, scarfing food

House training such as rules, limitations, boundaries, respect for your furniture, how to behave calmly inside the house, potty training

Other Areas of Expertise
Choosing the right dog.
Bringing a dog into the home.
Introducing a new dog into the pack.
Integrating animals with your dog.
Integrating your dog with other dogs.
Getting comfortable with the car.
Using the doggy door.

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